We have a large selection of telephones for people with dementia you can buy. The large buttons on many of the phones and simple to use features such as the telephones with photo-buttons make using a telephone at home ideal for independent living. Allowing the individual to easily communicate with others more easily.

Telephones for people with dementia with photos

Telephones showing a picture or photo buttons of a person are great telephones for people with dementia. The picture buttons on the telephone makes it simple for the person with memory problems to contact the person in the picture. The person in the picture can have their telephone number programmed to ring when the buttons are pressed.

The big button photo telephones help by taking away the frustration associated with finding a persons telephone number then having to dial it into a keypad. Picture telephones are also an ideal choice of home telephone for partially sighted and elderly people.

Benefits of big button telephones for the home

You can choose between corded big button telephones or telephones that have a mobile handset with big buttons. Although finding the mobile handset could become a problem if you or an individual using the phone has memory problems. The telephones for people with dementia have all been designed to make using a home telephone as simple as it could be for individuals. 

Big buttons make dialling numbers easier than smaller button telephones, which can often lead to mistakes. This then leads to frustration and confusion. You can also buy telephones for people with dementia that have a flashing button that flashes when the telephone rings. This helps with locating the telephone visually by catching the persons eye when somebody is calling you.