Dementia Signs

Buy signage for people with dementia. Made from rigid plastic or self adhesive backs these large picture signs are easy to read with photos for easy recognition of places in the home.

Easy locate signage for people with dementia

Buy large, bright signage for people with dementia to help an individual with orientation of their surroundings. This helps a person with dementia more easily locate different rooms around their home such as toilet, kitchen, bedroom and living room. Using signage with a picture to help identify the room can help with memory and recognition.

This ability to locate different rooms is import to an individual with memory problems because it helps stop confusion and agitation that feeling lost can give a person that is suffering from memory problems such as Alzheimer's or Vascular dementia.

Simply fasten the dementia signage to the chosen door or wall if you choose to buy rigid plastic signs or use the self adhesive sticky back. The signs are especially helpful if the person is living independently.