Pill Dispensers

Buy medicine pill dispensers for tablets and pills in a range of styles and uses. Pill dispensers are great for reminding individuals to take their medicine safely and at a pre-determined time.

Medicine Pill Dispensers

Buy medicine pill dispensers at low prices. We sell a range of different pill dispensers that range from the simple and easy to use 'pop out' tablet dispenser to the more sophisticated automated dispensor that discharges pills at a per-determined time of day. This helps individuals that suffer from dementia and other memory problems take their medication safely and on time.

Alarmed medicine pill dispensers

Pill dispensers with in-built alarms and reminders can be a safe way of contributing to an individual with dementia to live independently. This can leave you feeling confident that person will take their medication at a pre-set time of day and at the correct dosage. The dispensers are lockable and safe from tampering.

Only the tablets or pills placed in the chamber for that time and day will be dispensed from the pill dispenser. You can programme the device to dispense tablets up to 6 times a day or once a day for 28 days.

Some of the medicine pill dispensers we sell are from leading manufactures such as Pivotell and Tabtime.