Big Button Mobile Phones

Buy big button mobile phones to help people with mild dementia and other memory problems communicate more easily. The mobile phones have been chosen because of their big buttons and ease of dialling. The big buttons are easily recognizable making them an ideal mobile phone for elderly or partially sighted persons. Sim free for simple use.

Big button mobile phones for simple dialling of numbers

We all need to stay in touch from time-to-time and it can help an elderly person or somebody with dementia if their mobile is a big button mobile phone. This helps stop confusion and aggitation if the wrong numbers are pressed. This is often the case with small buttoned mobile phones. Especially if the individual has memory problems or is elderly and not understanding of today's modern mobile touch screen phones.

Doro 580 leading the way

There are a few mobile phone manufactures and telecom companies that are starting to understand that mobile phones are not just for the young. Many elderly people and families of vunerable people just want a mobile phone to be just that. A simple telephone. They want big buttons and simple to understand screen, with the option of touch picture calling. With this in mind, Doro have made the 580 range of big button mobile phone. They are leading the way in the mobile phones simplicity, ease of use and its sim free.

Many other makes of mobile phones for the elderly have an in-built GPS tracking devise that can allow you to locate an individual or the individuals phone if lost. This can be very helpful if the person suffers from dementia and has a tenderness to wander.