Buy jigsaws for people with dementia to help stimulates memory and help with activities that an individual will find entertaining and fun.

Benefits of using jigsaws for people with dementia

Studies in the UK and around the word have found that stimulating the brain with puzzles such as jigsaws can help reduce the symptoms of dementia and the associated problems such as aggitation and communication problems. There are many benefits of using jigsaw puzzles. You can choose a jigsaw based on the individuals capability to do the puzzle.

The jigsaws can be bought with different numbers of pieces. Popular choices for the jigsaws for people with dementia range from 4-13 pieces. These can help with individuals who are in early stages of diseases such as Alzheimer's or Lewy-body dementia.

Buy jigsaws which have a picture that the person with dementia can relate to. Maybe an animal will remind them of a pet or a vehicle could jog a memory of a car the individual used to own. This can be a very good way of engaging the individual in conversation about the subject in the jigsaw picture puzzle.

Another way jigsaws can help a person with dementia is that once complete, the person is left with a feeling of achievement.

More information

If you would like to know more on how a jigsaw can stimulate the mind, we have an article on the dementia blog how we did a jigsaw we bought from a charity shop here