Sensor Mats

Buy sensor mats at discounted prices with saving of up to 50% on many sensor mat products. You can buy sensor mats that can be placed on the floor, in a bed or chair. You can easily be alerted when the mats are touched or stood on. You can buy different types of sensor mat to suit your needs. There are many ways in which you can use the mats with many different ways you can be alerted. Some mats are infa red and some are designed to be wireless.

Different kinds of sensor mats for dementia you can buy

 Using a sensor mat can be a good way of being alerted when you care for somebody with dementia. When they are triggered by pressure an alarm can be sounded. The floor mats will give you peace of mind knowing that you are aware of when the person with dementia is active. This can help you if the person has a tendency to wander at night or is prone to trying to leave the house.

Wireless Sensor Mats

Wireless alarm sensor mats work by sending an alarm to a pager that sounds an alarm. The system comprises of a floor pressure mat with transmitter, magnetic door contact transmitter and a radio pager. The wireless floor sensor mats are made from tough durable polyvinyl.  The wireless floor sensor mats can be used next to a person's bed or by a door.  The door contact transmitter is ideal for monitoring internal or external doors of your house or in a care home environment. Both the floor mat and door alarm send a wireless alarm signal to a pager on stood on. Which is an ideal way for a carer to be alerted when stood on.