Clocks To Help People With Dementia

Take a look at some of the best-selling clocks designed to help people with dementia. We have many designs and models of clocks that are sold with big discounts on shop prices. You can read the reviews and feedback people have left to show you which is the best clock for you.

Clocks designed for somebody with dementia to stop confusion

One of the ways that condtitions such as dementia and Alzheimer's affects an individual is a loss of time and day of the week. This can lead to the person being unable or getting confused by telling the difference between morning and evening, day and night. We have a large range of clocks for people who suffer from dementia and at big discounted rates. With some clocks being sold with up to 50% off R.R.P. They are designed to be simple to understand by somebody who might have memory problems. With a range of different types of dementia clocks, you can buy a wide range of digital or the old fashioned clocks with hands. Please take a look at some of the reviews of clocks to help people who have dementia on our blog here.

Evidence shows that these are ideal clocks for individuals with dementia to help them with telling the time. Many of the clocks are also great for elderly or visually impaired people who want a simple way of telling the time and date.

This is where clocks for people with dementia can help. They can provide the visual information the person often requires in a simple and easy to understand way. This can help stop confusion and frustration with telling the time. It can also help carers because they can structure a day aroung the clock. They also provide an aide to help the carer direct the person to if they are constantly asking the time. The dementia clocks can be easier to understand, especially if they are a day-night clock.

Benefits of buying clocks to help people with dementia

    • The clock faces are designed to have clear and simple to understand displays. Ths is critical in someone who has dementia.
    • Helps with an individuals independence because they don't reply on asking the carer
    • Well researched products. Many manufactures of specialist clocks invest large sums in designing these clocks for somebody with dementia.
    • Many clocks designed for dementia are used in medical professions such as care homes and day centres
    • Most dementia clocks are illuminated to help to tell the time at night

There has been a lot of research and development put into designing clocks for dementia and Alzheimer's sufferers. So you can feel confident in buying these kind of clocks over more convential clocks. Helping with an individuals independence and trying to stop confusion with a person with dementia can be greatly helped if they are able to know what day of the week or time of the day in a simple to understand way.

 A fantastic clock is the day night clock with pictures of daytime and nightime. It lets you know with pictures by turning a dial showing sunshine and darkness.

If you would like to read a review of the best selling clocks for people with dementia you can read the article with reviews here on the dementia website